Getting Inside The Devil

‘Getting Inside The Devil’ is merely getting inside and investigating our own minds. Is there an external devil? Only in the sense that the devil is in everyone else’s minds as well. The devil is our own clinging to likes and dislikes that creates reactions. Others feed on these reactions, and we do the same. It’s that simple; it’s a psychological event in our minds. We are only controlled by external events if we consent, and this is why we need to be honest about what’s going on in our minds and not cover it up. Then we can have compassionate empathy for the frailty of others, rather than using it against them: righteous judgement spreads like a virus. If we are superficial in our understanding, we become easily caught up in hysteria and sentimentality.

We are only controlled by external sources if we consent. Most of the time, we are unconscious of what is taking place, but there are instances when we know exactly what we’re doing; we’re wanting to elicit a reaction from others. The ‘media’ (all forms of media) is used precisely to get a reaction of like and dislike.

When we read comments to articles, there is often a button for like and dislike. Need I say more? It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike – they have the reaction. That is what it is all about; keeping confusion circulating, under the guise of reporting. We become addicted to the news in the hope of hearing something worthwhile, but it’s only more of the same, decade after decade, hypnosis upon hypnosis.

As human ‘scientists’, we discern whether something is beneficial to our physical and mental health in order to survive. But the devil in us puts an extra impulse of righteousness judgement into our reactions to justify them: good/bad, right/wrong, like/dislike.

There are some terrible acts of violence splashed across the media: this definitely gets a reaction. When we look for a cause, we see that there is a deliberate motivation behind it. Division creates control, and with modern technology, mass division is instantaneous.

We have to look deeper.

The devil is in the detail’ refers to a catch or mysterious element hidden in the details that will arise to cause trouble later: it derives from the earlier phrase God is in the detail’, expressing the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly i.e. details are important. This observance of detail comes from looking, which comes from awareness, pure awareness, pure consciousness.

In clarity, there is no devil.
The devil lies in confusion,
and confusion never existed.

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  1. tony says:

    Like they say, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

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