Some Days, I Just Cannot Meditate”

What nonsense.

You are aware of not being able to meditate, right?

That is meditation. Meditation is so natural; it’s being aware. Being aware is mind training.

Mind training is noting thoughts but not following and fixating upon them. Gradually, we may find that the attitude of habitual clinging to our ideas isn’t there any more; it’s gone, and we are aware of many possibilities at once. Our horizon expands. This is rather like, when talking someone who is giving out a lot of information and we’re picking up attitudes and body language, we note that our minds are registering all this and then we merely listen: we suspend judgement, but discernment may help to bring about a balance. The person may becoming flustered: in our non-reaction, they have the opportunity to calm down.

“But I’m aware that my mind is full of rubbish all the time!”

If that is true, then you are naturally in meditation all the time. If you were not aware of the rubbish, you would be the rubbish. Meditation is not something we do: it’s what we are. When we are aware of what is taking place in the mind, then there is no fear, and nothing defeats us. We join the lineage of the victorious ones.

Those who are not aware of the meditation process live in the ideas placed in their mind by their environment, and have no control. Whether things are going well or otherwise, all we are is awareness of one taste. Spirituality is recognising this, and gradually, clinging and purity switch places.

Then we may reach a point of, “Some days, I just cannot stop meditating; I feel that I see too much.” That is when our sense of responsibility changes, and our level of understanding upgrades. We are not a fixed entity.

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