Barely Aware, Slowly Aware…
is more aware;
the experience of timelessness.
Try it.

Timeless awareness is more relaxed, more spacious, less stressed and happier.

Everything we do is speeded up in our modern world. Information is immediate and gets us going, doing and exhausted. We fill up time and the days flash by; life blurs and we become hardly aware, instead of barely aware.

Slowly slowly catchee monkey mind.

There is a breathing exercise to count the outgoing breath from 1 to 10; if we become lost in thought, we return to 1. It can become tight, as if there is something to achieve, and therefore it’s easy to feel we’ve failed. If we slow down and relax, taking each breath as each moment passes, it is deeply relaxing: it’s actually a practice of always being at 1!

Are you relaxed? Now try 108… 😀

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