The Pointing Out Instruction Is …
… having absolute confidence.

Having absolute confidence in one’s recognition of pure knowingness, pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure perception. Of course, the scary word is “pure”. Pure merely means ‘without altering’; it is just seeing – it’s natural. ‘Absolute’ means being free and unrestricted. Remember when you were six months old, in a pram and you just noticed your toes. It’s like that. It’s that simple.

We are still ‘just seeing’ right now, but through a haze of ideas, doubts, emotions and confusion, which cloud our view and create bias. A bias is a leaning in another direction, but all the while, pure being is shining through. That is our constant, inner conflict that in fact can be transformed into wisdom.

These ideas, doubts, emotions and confusions are alien to what we are, but it’s what we identify with. If you are searching for aliens, just look around!

Whenever someone points something out, and we re-cognise, re-see, re-member (from old French remembrer, from late Latin rememorari ‘to call to mind’), then we have got it.

Having got it,
don’t forget it.

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  1. tony says:

    Mud sticks, but it washes off!

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