The ‘Many-Go-Round’
Are there many teachings, or only one?

There are many, many teachings, with long mystical names, but in essence it is all about one, and that is pure consciousness. It is pure consciousness that has many expressions.

This is exactly the same with sentient beings. We are all pure consciousness, but express in unique ways.

If we think it’s complicated, we will go around in circles, chasing one teaching after another.

If we realise the simplicity of pure consciousness, we will remain in the centre, watching the many-go-round.

There are no new teachings. There are no extra-special teachings.
Ultimately, everything is known due to pure consciousness. If we insist on collecting the many, we will destroy experience and realisation.

Religion … spirituality … the Dharma … can only be destroyed from within.
There are many paths to oneness; some paths are straight and some, bendy!

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4 Responses to THE ‘MANY-GO-ROUND’

  1. crestedduck says:

    “As mystics throughout time have found, the road to discovery, to peace and enlightenment is a journey into Self. There is more to our conscious being than we realize and it is from within that we find the keys that unlock our inner wisdom. It is from within that we can connect with the source of knowledge that lies beyond the limits of our five senses.” Rosicrucian Manuscript
    It seems to me there are many different paths up the mountain of conscious awareness, and they all eventually lead to the same peak/enlightenment at the top. It’s through the journey one learns to “know thy self” through overcoming the obstacles on the path we each must individually choose .

  2. Earl Clark says:

    I came upon you blog in searching for beauty and the beast as it relates to the mind. Such a wonderful story yet a lot of message. You seem to have experienced this. It is not the story as it relates only the understanding that has the importance. I have experienced the beast first, then years later the beauty. What many religious minded would have created caricature . Realized both these were aspects of self primordal self the beast and the beauty or goddess. The understanding of the mind helps to keep clarity and true consciousness. Setting us free to pursue expansion. Enjoy your blog , and it is the first I can relate too. You are welcome to read mine , though have written thousands of titles some of it is riddled with just nuisances. Perhaps overthinking.

    • tony says:

      Hello Earl,
      We join up the dots the best we can. Rubbing shoulders with like minded people helps expand our view and in fact simply it.

      When we realise that hope and fear are the demons, the beasts, and that beauty is that which aware of the beasts, we are then free.

      It’s then just a matter of staying free, or liberated.

      The trick with over thinking, is cutting out the dots we don’t need. Maybe some things should stay as a riddle, as in Zen!

      Nice to meet you,

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