Beguiled* By Stillness And By Occurrences

Meditators can be blinded by stillness.
Ordinary people are blinded by occurrences.
In both cases, we become stuck and fixated.

When lost in stillness, we become meditation gods.
When lost in occurrences, we become devils.

Meditation gods: we think we have achieved the highest.
Devils: we think we can do anything without consequences.

Awareness of these two states is what is meant by being “not too tight or not too loose.”
Remain relaxed but aware, neither excited nor dull.
This actually also describes the old, pre-industrial world and the modern, industrial world.

Spiritual Teachings For Different Cultures:
the right teaching for the right time
There was – and is – a great difference in the energies of the old, pre-industrial world and the modern, industrial one. Spiritual teachings came broadly from the east, the old world: in the old world, everything can be done tomorrow … and ‘tomorrow’ can mean next week or next month. There is no rush. It’s a relaxed – very relaxed – way of life … “Why bother?” Spiritually, students there needed more energy and more consciousness, so teachings were – and are – designed to produce more vigour and focus.

However, in the west – or the modern world – we are full of energy and consciousness, and if given the same teachings and practices as the old world, we just go up the wall! 😀 We are already alert and conscious enough. What we need is relaxation, and to calm down. No need to have it done yesterday.

This is why, for today’s world, Dzogchen teachings of resting in spontaneous recognition of the nature of mind are so apt. This way of mind training is preferable to years of sitting, strictly watching the breath and chanting mantras. We just need the precision to remember.

Of course, if we are too exhausted because of our modern life and find we have no energy – “Why bother?” – then the old, traditional way is beneficial.

But all this is up to you. To balance what is too tight and what is too loose is your choice. Just be aware whether you are following a teaching that is actually below your capacity, where you find yourself becoming bored, while constantly feeling that you are not good enough. Conversely, you may find yourself in teachings that are too advanced, and the same thing will happen. You are then suffering.

There comes a time when, instead of having to follow the Buddha’s teaching, we become the Buddha’s teaching, spontaneous and natural. We know where to go to find the answer.

Detached from these two extremes of consciousness of stillness and occurence, pure consciousness abides.

*Beguiled:charmed, attracted, enchanted, entranced, bewitched, spellbound, dazzled, blinded, hypnotised, seduced, lured, enticed, entrapped; deceived, mislead,

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