What’s The Point Of Spiritual Practice?

‘Spiritual’ is our most profound level of being, beyond material pursuits.
‘Practice’ is the means to an end, which is the realisation of this profound level of being.

The point is to discover what we truly are, beyond this material-gathering entity that relates to everything – even spirituality – and misunderstands that this relating creates a constant duality.

Although this ‘me-and-mine’ just wants to be happy, it doesn’t realise that this constant wanting and maintaining is actually the cause of unhappiness.

Oh! Didn’t I mention it? Spiritual practice is to realise that we are already happy! We are happy with whatever turns up, realising that whatever turns up was our own doing. We chose the area where we live, our career, our family (before rebirth, according to some teachings), our friends, what we put into our bodies, and the information we choose to follow.

Spiritual practice is all about realising the obscurations that are conceal the natural clarity of our being so that we make beneficial choices, and not ‘more of the same’. Our view becomes clearer because the impurities of clinging to relative phenomena have been washed away – while still enjoying whatever occurs by giving it our full attention and being wholehearted.

The result of practice is to be silent consciousness that no longer relates to anything: it’s a holiday from hunter-gathering. That silent consciousness brings about clarity revealing what is truly important in our life.

We stop drifting in the ocean of samsara, driven by the winds of karma.

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