There Is No Need To Kill The Buddha

There is a saying, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”, which means that the Buddha is not external: it is actually within ourselves. The word ‘Buddha’ simply means awake and purified of causes and effects, meaning that there is no residue of bias, attitude and reaction left in the mind. It is a liberated mind.

If we think that there is something greater than our own pure consciousness, we would never know it, because we would be unable to recognise it. The very nature of a Buddha is pure consciousness, and the very nature of God is pure consciousness. What could be greater than pure consciousness? If it wasn’t for pure consciousness, nothing would be known. Pure consciousness is therefore the greatest ‘thing’ in the universe!

If we believe that we are only this physical form, then we will run around looking for greater forms to worship. As the universe is infinite, looking for something greater will keep us running around forever, as we have been doing so far.

If we merely believe that there is something greater in the universe, then we will never know it, because it will always remain a belief – some thing or some one over there … up there … down there.

The truth is that our heart’s desire is within our own heart! We all know this but ignore it, because we are distracted.

So recognition of the Buddha is only achieved through recognition of our Buddha-consciousness within (or if you prefer, our own God-consciousness). How else are you going to re-cognise a Buddha or God? How do we know who is a friend? We have to be a friend to them first!

Just because someone says, “That is a Buddha over there!” or, “That is a God up there!” doesn’t mean it’s true. It is just what someone said. We are free to believe it or not, and this is the whole point – we are free to choose.

So what are we going to trust? We have to trust our own pure, unbiased intelligence. Our own pure consciousness. We will only meet a Buddha when we are a Buddha. We will only meet God when we are God. Unity means non-separation, and we have never been separated – we only believe that we have.

A Buddha is nothing special because a Buddha sees Buddha nature in everyone. We say
a Buddha because there have been many Buddhas – awakened beings – but a few come into the public consciousness.

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