We Cannot Afford To Be Naive
Lacking experience, wisdom, and judgement.

Let’s face it, we all want to be compassionate, but we have to know what is practical and why things are happening. There is a Tibetan practice called Tong-len (giving and receiving) – giving love and receiving others’ suffering – but this is just a mental practice: it’s psychological and not practical, unless you can physically do something. We had a discussion about this with a lama, and people were a little upset because they thought they were doing a practice that actually changed the world.

We cannot afford to be naïve.

It’s a trap we all fall into for comfort. It’s wishful, expressing a desire based on impractical wishes rather than facts. Of course, this practice may turn our mind towards compassion, but it’s a long way away from being fearless.

We cannot live by wishful thinking, loving everything that happens. That’s like stroking something fluffy without realising that the other ends have sharp teeth and diarrhoea!

From an ultimate point of view, yes, everything that happens is a reflection in the mind which can awaken the mind, but conventionally, we have to be skilful. We have to know what qualities we are dealing with, be it people, food, where we live, how we earn money … and who or what exactly is creating terror, chaos and confusion in the world. We have to realise that things are going on behind closed doors, and are governed by extreme ‘Chatham House Rules’ where the powerful meet and all information is kept from the public, and is therefore not for our benefit. Who gains from smart technology?

We cannot afford to be naïve.

We cannot sit at the feet of a guru and think everything will be all right. It’s won’t! Even spiritual teachers can be naïve, especially when surrounded by adoring students who don’t ask probing questions.

It’s actually quite easy to surrender to the teacher, and hope ‘he’ will make it all better. Perhaps when the teacher is a ‘she’ … ? … No, there’s no difference! 😀

We cannot afford to be naïve.

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