Has The Spirit Of Buddhism Arrived Yet?

Although eastern religions have been in the west for hundreds of years – which includes, of course, Christianity – more esoteric eastern spirituality such as Tao, Vedanta, Buddhist traditions etc. arrived in the modern industrial world around the early 1960’s. We were ready.

However, have selfless respect, modesty and the unassuming ancient spirit arrived yet? Or have we just created arrogant monsters? We have the appearance, the rituals and the words, but what of humility, and the cessation of ego clinging to ideas? Has our new-found knowledge just created walking, talking encyclopedias with no hearts?

What of our conduct of non-violence, both verbally and mentally?
What of skilful, compassionate intelligence that helps others to proceed, instead of disapproving and finding fault?
What of demonstrating the depth of inscrutable emptiness?

The spirit of Buddhism is the cessation of clinging to ideas, concepts and names, manifesting the true reality of inscrutable emptiness. The whole point of communication is to allow space for the truth to be seen, rather than smothering it in terminology.

Have we merely created scholastic arrogance? One looks – and sighs. And then there is the other side of that sigh … which is sentimental emotionalism.

The enlightened ones did say,
“Not too tight and not too loose.”

How is it for you?

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