One Big Bang? One God? Really?

There are many theories, twists and turns.
Critical thinking is thinking outside the box.

Thinking outside the box – outside our programming – isn’t at all easy. It isn’t easy to even acknowledge that our perception of reality maybe a little askew. We need to consider other possibilities: this doesn’t mean that they are correct, but at least we’ve broken out of collected assumptions, just believing whatever we have been told … “Don’t take my word for it.” We can always go back to believing! Theories such as the Big Bang and God are more than suggestions: they divide us.

We need critical thinking, with an open quality to that thinking. Critical thinking is not ‘criticising’: it’s rational thought. It’s the ability to reason. Perfect rational thinkers engage in expanding the capacity of the mind, and going beyond the passive crowd thinkers. Most people are passive thinkers, preferring to avoid the mental stress of questioning, and so they work hard to fit in. But fit in to what?

A critical thinker can reproduce the same result in multiple situations, as in seeing the truth in what the Buddha, Jesus, Advaita or any other esoteric realisations state. But a passive thinker can only work within a specific scenario as they are locked into ‘their’ tradition (or rather, someone else’s system). Passive thinkers are only concerned with what they get out of it. Critical thinkers are only concerned with what they put in.

Critical thinkers do not make sudden judgements, and so they are less likely to come to irrational or emotional decisions or, more importantly, be manipulated by others. Critical thinkers are more likely to be empathetic to others’ views. Critical thinkers are learners, and only talk on subjects that they have actively studied for themselves. They are more creative, and rather than blindly accepting the ideas of others, they create fresh ideas because they are lateral thinkers, and ask basic questions instead of repeating acquired answers.

If one person says one thing and another says something else, so what? We don’t have to argue about it. But we do argue, which is interesting. Just bear in mind that ‘divide and conquer’ is the formula that starts wars.

One big bang. One God. Really?
Just consider. The universe is infinite. This is something most of us cannot comprehend. If the universe is infinite, then maybe there are an infinite number of Big Bangs – and an infinite number of Gods.

One Big Bang? Firstly, what is it that we are calling ‘the universe’? Space or the matter within space? Infinite space just is; there is no beginning or end. Infinite matter constantly changes. In an infinite universe, there are infinite suns and solar systems, constantly dying and reconstructing. The single Big Bang is merely a theory.

One God? Whatever is known is known because of consciousness. Consciousness comes first. How did we know about God? We were told. Consciousness is God. We are consciousness, and therefore all the infinite number of sentient beings in an infinite universe are God consciousness. Do we not bend nature to our will?

There is never any need to argue about such matters. Whatever we genuinely realise is up to us. But if we are passive thinkers, then we can be manipulated, and can find ourselves trying to manipulate others. Manipulation is not compatible with free thought.

We need to address the question of why there are strongly-held opposing views on issues such as the Big Bang theory and God. Could it be that it divides us into the camps of creationists, evolutionists and those who don’t care? This causes arguments, aggression and suffering, which is ridiculous.

There is nothing wrong with thinking.
It is fixation upon those thoughts that imprisons, limits and creates suffering.

When we realise that we are consciousness, there is nothing to discuss or argue about, and we can express in whatever manner we feel is beneficial to others.

In the moment of pure meditation, there is no universe; there is no God.
In the moment of pure meditation, there is just the reality of consciousness; that is our origin.

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