Is ‘Truth’ Just Another Idea?

Truth is not a mental construct as truth can never change.

All things and ideas are changeable because they are constructs, made from parts that come together by causes and conditions, and so they don’t have any inherent nature of their own.

So what is left?
Who asks the question?
It is our mind that asks questions, but who or what is aware of these questions?

Without consciousness, no question can be asked and no answer can be received.

So is consciousness the truth?
Consciousness is the faculty of perception, memory and judgement.
Its true nature, however, is empty receptivity because, before the faculty of perception, memory and judgement, there is pure awareness, empty of bias or contamination.
The ethereal clean slate!

We can only read words on paper by virtue of the clarity of the clean page on which they are written. If we merely write over a contaminated page, it will be difficult to see clearly.

Our pure state is the clarity of seeing.
That is the ultimate truth.
That unchanging spirit nature cannot be observed, but only realised in pure experience.

It is because of this that everything may be known.
It is knowingness, before anything is known.

It is home.
Home is a clear page.
Happy now.

The only way to know the truth is to suck it and see!

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