The Age Of Fast Spiritual Progress

“But the world is in such a mess!”

The Dzogchen teachings are for this period in human history because they are the direct instruction into the nature of mind, the nature of reality. At this time, suffering is obvious, chaos is obvious and manipulation is obvious. The odds are stacked against humanity because of the influence of the power-crazies. It’s so clear that it’s wonderful; our ‘enemy’ is our best teacher.

In the face of adversity, spiritual progress is not concerned with competitiveness. It’s to do with realising the nature of ourmind, the recognition of ourtrue reality – consciousness.

When existence becomes pleasant,
we won’t bother to transcend.

Religion is a double-edged sword because, in looking for inner peace,
we either sit in the duality of inner stillness,
or there is merely non-dual stillness.
We have to know the difference.

Realisation is the recognition of pure consciousness
and whatever obscures this.

It is not the time to mess around!

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  1. Excellent message… I agree, this is not the time for messing around.. 🙂 Many thanks, I came via a link left me from Ben Naga…

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