How Do I Find Truth?

Truth cannot be read about or discussed:
it can only be experienced through
the recognition in the stillness of mind
which reveals the clarity of pure being,
pure consciousness.

It is we who decide that this is the ultimate truth.
Until then, truth will remain a mystery,
and something to speculate about.

This ultimate truth is already present
as it is our essential nature.
Without it, we can know nothing.

All science can do is finally realise that science
is all about the observation that all phenomena
and ‘self’ have no permanent reality.

Truth is seeing clearly without dust on our lens.
This dust – our fixations – prevents clear seeing.

When consciousness recognises these fixations,
we realise that what we think we know has no reality,
and merely spin us round in circles.
When we realise this, we will find peace and fulfilment.

Until then, we try not to make life worse for ourselves and others.

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2 Responses to HOW DO I FIND TRUTH?

  1. Mark says:

    Nicely put Tony! Hope all well. Love, Mark

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,
      Nice to see you here. There are many views on truth, but it all comes down to clear seeing or pure consciousness. One could say, extremely subtle consciousness.

      I sometimes see this as a speck in a fractal that hold all the information of an ever spiralling expansion into creation.

      Whatever our view about the world, the world is changing. It looks dark because of the light being generated.

      So, all is well!


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