Persuading others to catch their virus

The modern, scientific world knows the DNA of everything, including the mind. Science is now the Creator and Destroyer. If we know how to create something, then it stands to reason that we know how to take it apart and destroy it. It has become a scary world when we become reliant upon so-called ‘benefits’.

Actually, the Dharma does exactly the same thing. We know how a self is created and we know how to dissolve this self-creation, thereby bringing an end to suffering.

The Dharma is an influence to counter influences. It is a reminder to drop all influences – even the Dharma. Can we even trust the Dharma?

Dropping everything, we relax into the emptiness of pure awareness. In that moment, there is no Dharma. No thing can influence emptiness, but only obscure this uncontaminated state by attachment to influences.

We only know due to pure awareness being present. That is where everything begins and ends. Pure awareness becomes conscious of some thing and, as appearances and recognition are simultaneous, pure awareness remains untouched.

“But my feelings that we have to change the world are important to me!”
Sentient existence is all about surviving as a sentient being.

We are so much more.

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