Positivity and Negativity Affect Our Mind

Positivity and negativity
– good and evil –
are what life is all about.

Clarity and whatever obscures that clarity;
it is that simple.

Positivity is seeing clearly and understanding a situation for the benefit of all, and that starts with valuing the perfect quality of consciousness.

Negativity allows personal thoughts and emotions to take control, and consciousness becomes hostile, and therefore imperfect.

In the first instant of a situation, we all just see. That ‘just seeing’ is positive consciousness. But instead of standing back to realise the bigger picture – that this consciousness is perfect – judgement steps in due to our personal preferences, and we react, leaving an aftertaste or residue that lingers. The object of not holding on – dropping all reactions – is that we leave the mind clear for the next moment, so that we do not contaminate that next moment (or our entire life!).

We are all allowed to have a view, but hanging onto this view unnecessarily creates a negative mindset of constant justifications, and a feeling of righteous superiority. This is how evil starts: all negative reactions give rise to consequences for the future, especially in relationships with others.

The negativity quality of ignoring the perfect quality of consciousness causes us suffering as we are relating through a self-construct. The quicker we can drop our reactions, the more control we have. That is being positive and kind. If we don’t drop it (whatever ‘it’ is), then we are not only part of the problem … we are the problem.

Kindness always wins.
Unkindness always loses.

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