Proof That We Are Being Influenced And Manipulated

We are taught to react,
and cannot stop our self.

In an experiment by Bangor University Psychology Laboratory, people were asked to press a button every time they saw a branded item that they recognised on a screen. Then, they were asked NOT to press the button when the branded item was presented on the screen … they still pressed the button! They couldn’t stop themselves. Even though they do not want to react, the brain said otherwise.

This experiment was about being a consumer, but it also relates to everything we see and hear – even spiritual teachings. We hear or read a word and off we go; we relate to it. Relating is not the same as realising it. Rigpa, God, compassion, nowness, ego, guru yoga, mantras, pure consciousness, good, bad … these are just words that we are taught to identify with. This is exactly why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; realise it.” Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

We become attached to a brand, a culture or a tradition, and even though there is a better offer, we stick to OUR brand. We can only stop our self when we realise pure awareness.

There is a word in Sanskrit; ‘samsara’.
It means the vicious cycle of existence,
in which we go round and round in circles,
never escaping.

If you want a shock to upgrade consciousness,
realise that you are being manipulated at every moment
by those whose mind merely repeat words.

Don’t just be aware.
Be very aware.
Better still, realise pure awareness.



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  1. Great article and so true! People need to wake up to the fact that they’re being programmed.

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