Are We Complicit In Overthrowing Truth …

Are we complicit in overthrowing truth
by adopting a culture of ideas?

Absolute truth is that which is always present, and that is pure consciousness. Anything that pure consciousness observes can never be the truth, as all phenomena is impermanent.

All cultures are built on sets of idea which are promoted through exoteric teachings that are not totally accurate. We adopt these ideas and so are complicit in a deception concerning absolute truth.

When we investigate our mind’s tendencies, we discover that none of those ideas are our own. Even reactions to others’ ideas is still an involvement in others’ ideas 😀 Complicity creates complexity, as we try to make things work but find that there is always something missing. That ‘something’ is the realisation of absolute truth.

The truth will out only when we realise
esoteric vision of pure consciousness.

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