Enlightenment Is A Series Of Realisations

A series of releases.
A series of diminishing fixations.
A series of emotions transforming into wisdoms.

Emotions flare up, and their brilliance is seen as the spontaneous light of pure consciousness. Emotions and recognition simply become wisdom.

That is the unity of the two truths – relative and absolute.

Relative truth happens when absolute truth – pure consciousness – forgets itself, and starts relating to the external world and ideas.

Feeling uncomfortable when an emotion emerges, we spontaneously look for the source of this discomfort, and realise that this isn’t someone else’s fault but rather, it arises from the instability of our own self-image.

The series of realisations uncovers pure consciousness, illuminating an artificial self that reacts habitually. At each level of realisation, we notice that there is no going back. We no longer retire into the total indifference of mundanity. Even if we take a wrong turn, there is always that which is present that makes us feel uncomfortable, and an inner conflict arises. We know that there is a rightness, but we cannot always access this until karma opens the door – maybe when someone or something annoys us! The shock of seeing what we are doing is never a pretty sight, however we may dress ourselves up.

All we need to do is take the layers off.

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 11.26.56

What do we do in the meantime?
We make do and mend.
We don’t have to worry about doing lots of ‘practice’.
We merely have to be barely-aware, rather than super-aware.
In that way, we stay relaxed, and don’t make a big deal out of anything.

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