I Don’t Know What To Believe Any More”

If we’re saying this, then we have the means of escaping belief! 😀

Belief is relating to ideas that are merely concepts in the mind. This is our mental imprisonment.

Belief is a relative reality that always creates conflict, between this as opposed to that. For this reason, religions get it wrong, unless they go to the source of provable truth rather than relying on stories.

Absolute, undeniable truth frees us, as we recognise that we have been living in a relative reality of concepts. This is why Tulku Urgyen said, “We are free in the moment of seeing!”

We always have a choice of which reality to live in – absolute or relative. One is involvement and the other is seeing the involvement; it’s that simple. This doesn’t mean we never get involved: we are just not believing in the dream, and so deal with each situation more clearly and skilfully. Seeing untruth is the inseparability of relative and absolute truth = non-duality.“We are free in the moment of seeing!”

Whatever we believe is changeable, whereas that which sees does not change … ever! The whole point of spiritual development is to become less stupid 😀 We are – and always have been – naturally pure intelligence; we have just learnt to believe.

These are singular, beyond average times and we have to adapt quickly because beliefs are flying around like a virus. 😀 Whatever happens, we should know where our centre is, and that is the pure state of consciousness. Just stop and look.

We need to be adepts, skilful and proficient in adapting. Rather than being self-belief-centred, we need to be consciousness-centred. Pure consciousness is autonomous: having its own laws, it is self-conscious, self-aware.

Don’t be confused!
Awareness or consciousness is self-existing, which means that it is automatically naturally present, whereas being self-conscious is having an exaggerated self-identity, our persona/mask.

“Having its own laws”.
Universal gross laws:
attraction, repulsion and indifference.

Universal absolute laws:
emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

Don’t believe anything.
Just see.








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