Superior Position – Inferior Position
Pure vision and impure vision

We are pure vision. It is our natural state. When realised, this is our naked, superior position – our supreme reality. When we do not realise this pure view, we succumb to ideas and influences that put us in an inferior position, contaminating our view.

When we succumb to clinging to and fixating on ideas, we fall prey to demonic ideals. Demonic forces are all around us; these forces are beings that have fallen prey to desire, aversion, pride and jealousy, and have ignored their pure vision. This is not a criticism, but merely a pure observation.

If we criticise demonic forces (other people), we become one of them –
tainted vampires.

Demonic forces have absolutely no power of their own. We merely consent to believe that impure vision is our reality. Still, as practitioners, we are not reacting to this habitual behaviour as demonic forces are now our teacher. This is an exceptional teaching.

When we remain stable within pure consciousness, contamination serves as a reminder not to join in, not to be sucked in. 😀 Seeing this inferior position is the superior position as this now serves as our teacher. This being so, we appreciate the presence of impure view, and so become devoted and compassionate to their victims. That is pure vision! In pure vision, nothing can steal our joy.

Keeping in Contact With Others
If we don’t, we may regret it.
Everyone needs to know that
someone is thinking of them.

Don’t Feel Lonely
When resting in pure consciousness,
we are at one with every other being
who is resting in pure consciousness.

Always Be Aware Of Exaggerated Elaborations
They cause belief, hope and fear.
All we need to know is our essential truth.

A Healthy, Natural Life Is All We Need
When we realise this nature of pure consciousness,
everything changes.
We become less needy and less demanding,
while remaining empathetic to the anxiety of others.

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