Brand Recognition Is Social Engineering

It’s all about conveying ideas
that stick in the brain without us noticing,
causing us to live in a perpetual state of confused anxiety.

We are either exposed to crisis after crisis
or lulled into soporific drowsiness,
both of which has an effect on our brain.

Films with guns.
Games with guns.
News items with police with guns.
Crippling economics.
Contaminated food.
Mental health issues.
Pointless religions … pointless music … pointless sit-coms …
… pointless theories that obscure genuine conspiracies …
… and going around in circles all seems normal.

Why would anyone want to destroy humanity’s equilibrium,
when humanity has so much potential to become enlightened?

The weapon used in social engineering is our reaction.
This creates chaos, confusion, suffering, separation, depression, illness and dependency … “Recommended for you.”

Brand recognition is the way in which we learn to be programmed to recognise consumer goods and philosophies, without knowing we’ve done so. At a subconscious level, the brain lights up and recognises before we are actually aware of the brand, logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign. Before we know it, the same happens when we hear or see a name, a uniform or robes, and even if we react against this, we are still programmed. We are conforming to a type.

Through customer profiling, those-in-the-know know what ticks our box and what doesn’t, and when they present us with something we like or don’t like … off we go!

Psychologists – and now A.I. (“recommended for you”) – know more about you than you do about yourself – unless you are aware of your mind’s tendencies. Demonic forces lie in ambush. Reaction? “Gotcha!”

The same goes for the packaging of religion and spirituality; we conform without thinking. Buddha’s vital message, “Do not take my word for it; see for yourself”, is the key to realisation.

The realisation is not in what we are told;
it is in the evidence of experience.

Don’t just agree with the uniform.
Test everything.
Question everything.
Your quality of life depends on it.

We are here to become unstuck.
At the moment, we are the Great Stuck-ness.
Enlightenment is the Great Unstuck-ness.

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