To Be Serious Or Not To Be Serious?

It all depends on what we’re talking about. The I? Consciousness? Our conduct? We have to understand what is of benefit and what is harmful, and which level we are speaking about.

Laughing everything off can either be reassuring or annoying. The Buddha said, “Not too tight and not too loose.”

At street level, the ‘I’ is our self that we take seriously; our self image is precious to us. Then, when we start on our path to realising enlightenment, this self isn’t taken quite so seriously. We do, however, acknowledge the fact that others take their selves seriously, and suffer as a consequence.

We realise that this I, this self, is our karma, which is our storehouse of reactions that come to the fore in all situations. Karma now becomes our (consciousness’s) teacher to show us our reactions and obsessions, and the degree to which we still take ourselves seriously.

Getting to the point:
When we start looking at the meaning of life, and why and how we got here, we come across all sorts of fancy stories. We go to churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and monasteries, and see a blaze of elaborations … it all looks pretty holy. It’s amazingly sophisticated – and a million miles away from where ‘I’ am. We either think, “I’m just not like that”, or we jump in with both feet.

Taking the package very seriously,
we may feel that it’s so magnificent
that we take a back seat, relinquishing responsibility.

Suddenly, a change occurs.
“Oh! I get it.”

Philosophies, religions, rituals, text, statues and glorious buildings
are only the warm-up event.

It is consciousness is the star of the show.
And consciousness always performs best when naked


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