Dharma Has To Be Practical

Dharma is not about adopting strange teachings and cultures. It’s about practical living, in harmony with our self and others. Of course, all spiritual paths can claim this, but the Buddha’s view is more penetrating. You may say otherwise, and that’s the point; if it works for you, then it works. It’s a continual process of investigation, analysis, stripping away and letting go.

Our self and others may not want to live in harmony, but that which just sees – penetrating consciousness – is free of bias, and is therefore harmonious. Our life is our teacher, and we deal with the consequences of our actions and reactions.

Dharma does not impose on our life.
Dharma is life as it is;
a recognition of clarity in confusion.
That is our path to realisation.

“But I don’t like my life, or the world we live in.”
What recognised and decided that?

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