We’re Not A Who, We’re A What

‘Who’ is a person.
‘What’ is the information.

Person = persona = actor’s mask.
Information = something learned about the person/the mask.

A mask is a covering or a disguise, and has many thicknesses.
Information is whatever’s behind that mask, and has many levels.

We think we are a display,
when we are, in fact, pure consciousness
behind the display.

Know what you are, rather than who you are!

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2 Responses to WE’RE NOT A WHO, WE’RE A WHAT

  1. Ken says:

    For one to ask; “Who am I?’ only serves to create another limited pseudo identity, and, if one doesn’t know who it is, then how do they know that the answer to their question is correct? The problem lies in the limited answer, as the purpose of the question “Who am I” is for one to see that it cannot be defined or limited to one thing or another, hence it is All and All is it. To take on one identity excludes all others, and yet they exist also, so which one is absolute? The thing to see is that all identities arise out of consciousness, hence all there is – is consciousness playing all the roles and wearing all pseudo identities as if they’re reality. “All beliefs are but sequins on the robe of God”

    Imagine a world without words, before words existed and you were programmed with them; who are you without any words to define you?

    Words are abstractions of reality and thus can never define reality, as you cannot use an abstraction to define a non-abstraction, hence the effect can never rise higher than the cause. Words can never define reality because word are not reality, and yet we use words to try and solve problems which have arisen from words, to do this is to add gasoline to try and put out a fire cause by gasoline. Want to know what you are? Enter silence. In the words of Adyashanti; “In the end it’s all very simple. Either we give ourselves to the silence or we don’t”

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