Life Falling Apart

The feeling of separation does that.
We are just left hanging in a void.

But life is still present.
That is the emptiness of clarity.

Is it uncomfortable?

It’s unfamiliar … or is it?

Our choice is either to go back and want more of the same, or recognise – by direct instruction – that that emptiness of clarity is what we are. We have just been living with a deluded self image.

Life as we know it is an illusion, a mental construct to which we adhere for safety because everyone else is holding on to the same illusion.

At some point, a crack appears and the dream falls apart.
In the very recognition of this lies the path to enlightenment,
as we now want real change, real security, real happiness.

When we realise the emptiness of clarity,
we recognise that real change, real security, real happiness
have always been present.

We know the truth.
We are the truth.

Falling apart is the practical process inherent to the path of enlightenment.
Life is a series of ‘falling aparts’ –
while we continue to hold the ‘I’ together,
it will, at some point, fall apart!

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