Are We Being Chemically And Mentally Primed?

It isn’t one chemical or idea that turn us:
it is a build up of chemicals and ideas in our substructure,
this is why it is difficult to see a cause.

Everything comes about by causes and conditions.
Not one cause or one condition.
Everything has its opposite aspect, another feature, a side effect.

We are introduced to ingredients
– chemicals / ideas / technology –
and we become addicted, and thereby controlled.

We can only know the complete picture
when we know what it is supposed to be,
rather like a jig-saw puzzle.

Our reality is the clarity of emptiness – the clear light of bliss.
When this is realised, our mind becomes clear,
and we no longer just accept ideas or beliefs or food presented to us.

If things do not feel right,
then there is a reason.
We need to discriminate, and look more carefully.

What feels right for some
may not feel right for others.

Through realisation, the layers of ingredients decrease
until we reach the clear light of bliss.

Awareness isn’t just about being purely aware;
it is manifestation of carefree confidence.

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