Our Minds Need Challenging

Our minds need challenging, otherwise we function habitually in auto-pilot. At the moment, we may think we’re normal when, in fact, we are living in a repetitive reality, saying and doing the same things every day of our lives, without noticing that this isn’t our true reality.

This programming should be provoked as our ideas are never our ideas … ever! When people say that the world is turning into a mind controlled environment, it has always been that way. It’s nothing new, but technology makes human control faster and more efficient.

No? Are you in control of yourself?!

Try being more precise today. This may create resistance in the mind and we might want to run to our safe place, but that is the process we need to break out of our ‘endarkenment’.

Feel and hear each note of life. 

Don’t just repeat your favourite little mechanical riff all the time!
To do so merely gives the illusion of playing. 

(riff: a short repeated phrase in popular music)

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