Goodness Knows Why

Why does goodness know? Goodness is naturalness, and there is nothing more natural than pure consciousness. It is our natural, essential being – the essence of knowingness itself. It’s where love, empathy and compassion come from, as it is selfless.

When we have a selfish, heavy-hearted, calculating mind, we can never know knowingness as we care more about things (me and mine) and therefore never truly experience love, empathy and compassion. 

Goodness will always prevail over selfishness because goodness can recognise when it is being selfish. Selfishness cannot do this, and so it never knows peace.

With all the troubles in the world, 
the light of selfless goodness can never be extinguished, 
whereas calculating selfishness lives in perpetual darkness.

The more precise we are in our methods and execution, the more challenging everything becomes; for the courageous, happiness ensues. This is precisely how we ascend the levels to enlightenment. 

We do this by no longer being mechanical and half-hearted. We feel each moment. This doesn’t mean we will necessarily get it right, but practice does make perfect. If we just want to be right, we will take short cuts to achieve a form; an appearance without substance.

When we know that we make mistakes, we are learning.

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