We Have To Be Our Own Psychologist

Ordinary psychology just wants us to be ‘normal’, to fit in to the collective. I once spoke to a psychologist and asked, “What your job, really?” She replied, “To get people back to their normal.”

That was the most idiotic answer I’ve ever heard; it was their normal that got them into the state they were in!

I asked a psychologist to speak to my Mum as she was very depressed and unhappy. He came, and asked, “Who is the Queen and what day is it?” and then walked out, saying she was fine.

This is why we have to be our own psychologist – to transcend our dissatisfaction with life, rather than conforming to a collective normal. Professionals don’t want us to break out and think for ourselves; even spiritual groups want us to adopt their ways.

The collective way makes us pay … and take the pill!

We have to take responsibility for the collective way of thinking. As an example, there is a problem with men not respecting women. Some awful-disgusting-dangerous things happen to women. The answer isn’t in making laws or telling people what to do. The answer is in fathers showing respect and friendship to their wives and daughters. Boys learn by example. Throughout generations, men have been subtly indoctrinated by watching other men/TV/films, none of which represent our potential. This mindset comes out even in the tone of the voice, and of course, women react, feeling inadequate or fearful … and so we go round in circles.

Problems are pushed on to us and are never solved. Those who have the power do not want change. Everyone knows that systems do not work perfectly and that things could be better, but unless the change means more profit, no one is listening. Pharmaceutical companies produce treatments, never a solutions to the cause. Our natural body and mind know how to heal themselves: this may not be perfect but it’s what we have to deal with.

Likewise, all Dharma or spiritual talk is about what we naturally are. There is nothing to be learnt – just realised. We don’t acknowledge that we are walking-talking encyclopedias of wisdom.

Seek help from those who show you what you already know,
and realise that you are fine.

Meditation gives us self respect.

We may not stay at the best hotels,
but we make do and mend.

Making do is accepting karma.
Mending is not reacting to that karma.

We may not eat cake,
but good bread and butter is wonderful.

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