Controlling Our Mind Controls Our Behaviour

If we cannot control our mind, we cannot control either our reactions or our behaviour. This becomes a habit, and our acquired behaviour now controls our mind. We go round in circles and become predictable – every computer knows this! 😀

Being in control doesn’t mean being cold in spirit (as many unfortunately are): it means being skilful, being truly alive and feeling the joy in finding everything fresh. There is always another inspirational approach.

If we do not control our minds, then others will – along with our behaviour. We hear about this every day in the news. This realisation is both a tremendous shock and a relief. Life is now fruitful because we know, as we found out what’s it all about.

The meaning of life:
realising that we have always been free.

Don’t spend a lifetime trying to conform to others’ insecure conformities.

Recognise your madness
and be freeeeee!

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