Understanding Our Own Psychology

Understanding our own psychology is understanding consciousness before we understand the mind. The brain is merely a neural network that is expanded by experience and creating memories, which is mind. The creation of mind is human/animal consciousness flowing through these conduits, desiring, fearing and being indifferent; fight, flight or freeze are born of memory and judgement.

When consciousness realises that its essential nature is beyond desire, fear and indifference, consciousness becomes one with its true essence – the clarity of emptiness. Psychology isn’t about putting the mind right on a conventional level; it’s about right seeing from the ultimate view of pure clarity, which then opens up our mind.

If we don’t understand our own psychology – that which makes us tick – then we are at the mercy of others. In this way, we can be taken advantage of in this world.

Crafted words are dropped into consciousness without us noticing, and affect our behaviour: we salivate like Pavlov’s dogs, without realising what is happening.

Know thy self in the space of pure consciousness.

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