Hoax Upon Hoax

We live under two ignorances: the ignorance of our reality, and the maintenance of that ignorance.

As long as we look elsewhere for truth, we will never notice that it is, in fact, truth that is looking. We are truth because truth never changes; pure consciousness never changes, while everything else does. Whatever we are led to believe is against truth and contaminates our mind, which is the tool with which we reason.

In this designed world where we are told what to think, we are never taught about our reality of pure consciousness.

Why is that?

Apart from doing what has to be done to survive, we learn to engage in meaningless chatter and activities designed to conceal the truth. We think that if we have more money than others, we know more. There aren’t levels of realisation; there are levels of hocus-pocus to uncover.

Any answer someone gives us – or any answer we come up with ourselves – is an illusion. To maintain this illusion is delusion – and we are back at the two ignorances. An answer about truth is never the truth; it can only be an assimilation of the truth. That which realises the answer is the answer 🙂 Repeating saying such as, “I am”, implies an understanding of what we are, but this phrase is a hoax as it still refers to a pseudo-identity.

Always remember that the Buddha said, “Do not take my word as truth; see for yourself.” He was very precise about this.

By taking the word for truth, we are applying a hoax upon a hoax. All we need to be reminded of is that we are pure consciousness. Resting there, we see what life is truly all about, and this realisation exposes the hoaxes we encounter.

‘Hoax’ comes from ‘hocus-pocus’: meaningless talk or activity, typically designed to trick someone or conceal the truth of a situation .

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