Journey Into Self

The journey to nowhere.
Our self is an illusion, a wannabe – an imitator!

Our feeling of self is a projection of acquired ideas with which we identify, and that creates and maintains our behaviour. All the while, consciousness – our actual being of pure consciousness – looks on.

There is an ancient saying:
“Two birds sat in a tree.
One pecked of the fruit
and the other sat and watched.”

We are like that.
The body needs food.
Consciousness doesn’t.

Our problem is that we are so used to pecking at everything that merely watching sounds boring. We fail to realise that doing nothing is the pure experience of ultimate joy.

Feeling the wind, watching leaves shimmer and rustle, sunsets, sun rises, moon light, bird song … tasting, smelling, realising inner peace, inspiration, insight, love of being, being in love …

we are actually doing nothing, totally open before we are caught up and held by our desires and fears.

Pure consciousness just experience. We cannot be what we see, and this is extremely important to realise. When we look at our self, consciousness is actually looking at our mind’s collection of associations and memories. It is full of trauma, wounds, beliefs, hopes, fears, doubts, fixations, obsessions about creations that have no permanent existence – no reality. This self moves, talks, and interacts in a collective dream state inhabited by fellow believers.

All the while, pure consciousness sits and watches.
Pure consciousness is full of richness, and perfectly unsullied.

Our journey into self is a journey to nowhere.
Just now, here.

The mistake self makes
is that it thinks it’s getting somewhere.

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