When The Truth Isn’t Recognised

The truth of our being may not register with everyone. Years ago, my wife and I attended a lecture by the Dalai Lama, and we both fell asleep. It wasn’t that we weren’t interested; it was as if someone was talking about an extra colour in the rainbow which we hadn’t registered before.

So now we can empathise when people don’t ‘get it’, when it seems so obvious.

Bombarded with spurious, fake, false information about life, it can seem truly difficult to see the simple answer to everything – and just saying that can go right over people’s head.

The simple answer is the essence of consciousness that just sees.

When dealing with others, all we can do is stand firm and be kind and patient, able to accept or tolerate delays, problems and suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. This process is incredibly instructive and challenging, and establishes true compassion.

Actually … this is the path to enlightenment.

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  1. Green Peacemst says:

    Wow, this was posted today! Very cool. Nice comment. Buddha lover here. Well, I´ve managed my path into interfaith Christianity, usually I tag “UU” in there. Yeah, falling asleep at a profound spiritual lecture. I know the feeling. As an interfaith Christian, I´ve been treated to another level of challenges. As Fritjof Capra has followed his path exploring the range of Systems Theory and identifying it in terms of Life, I´ve been ranging myself. I found myself today drawing on Josiah Royce, an American philosopher who may have coined the term “beloved community” in describing Christianity´s historical “constructionism.” I like that term a lot since I used it in terms of eco-social justice activism and social movement sociology.

    That was the era of the Progressive Era, in historical context, and I´m feeling my way through to infuse all the secular material with the goal of spiritual modernization. It´s been fun to identify Jung´s Higher Self in that process, which he linked to the Imago Dei and Jesus Christ by 1951. Jung is someone I´ve flirted with for years, and I enjoyed making that connection. I suppose I like to honor Mary Baker Eddy´s Christian Science and the 12 Step material for combining additional levels of insight. While Buddhism offers its amazing touchstone in its spiritual practice, Buddha´s own references to the transcendental dharmakaya have been a fine interface as I reflect on my efforts in valuing Jesus´ legacy of loving integrity.

    So, personally, I don´t necessarily need to condemn myself for being annoyed, and in self-love allow it as an honest expression of my boundaries. I find that limiting it is my goal, and articulating the boundary and needs, and allowing blessed imagination to guide additional insights and suggestions. I suppose it will depend on context. I´m working at home without “pay” as a husband-father of three in a certain situation.

    I hope I can keep track of your site! Thanks, all the best. Stay blessed in Divine Love, and I like to recall the spiritual-religious tradition that underlies and can be seen to infuse it.

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