Being Something We’re Not

Wanting to be something that we’re not means we don’t have to look at ourselves. We can change our bodies or change our minds, but the spirit of consciousness remains the same. It’s vital to understand that this is our constant reality.

Spirituality isn’t about dropping our self. It is working with the mindset that is controlling our behaviour. Our real practice is seeing this ‘spiritual’ self for what it is – an imitator.

Spiritual psychology is dealing with what we have, rather than what someone else has. The easiest way to tie ourselves in spiritual knots is to copy others, and try to conform to their imitations.

Self is our teacher as it is a product of karma, the accumulations and effects of our past actions that cloak ever-present consciousness. The moment we dissolve self, we dissolve karma and all obscurations, and attain enlightenment … for that moment. What we do in the next moment will depend on our approach to this subject.

Self isn’t our enemy; believing our self to be real is just a misunderstanding. If we make our self into a big deal, our path becomes even more cluttered.

Our self is our perfect teacher. All that happens to us is our perfect teacher. Embodied, we have to deal with our physicality, but we needn’t obsess either about that, or the world in which we live.

In an imperfect world,
we have all that we need
to be perfectly happy with what we are.

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