Evil Can Never Have Power Over Goodness

Why not?

Goodness is a pure heart;
it is pure consciousness that can never be deceived,
whereas the mind can.
Know the difference.

Evil intent has no insight, and cannot recognise the emptiness or purity of consciousness; it cannot comprehend this as there is nothing to gain, and so it transfers attention endlessly. Evil is only concerned with what it can gain. The evil in us feeds off others’ emotions, and thereby seeks to exert control. It’s abuse. In its base form, it’s what trolls do on the internet. In its sophisticated and subtle form, it wants to control the populace with false ideas, false fear and false hopes.

Goodness is recognising our original reality that is, first and foremost, pure consciousness before these ideas are recognised. Evil wants us to forget our true nature, and pumps us with spurious facts that have us running around in circles, arguing and bullying one another.

Just look and see:
we are free.
Evil knows this.

The shock should wake us up but,
as most are too busy serving evil without knowing it,
that guitar gently weeps.

As evil is worldwide, it never sleeps.
Nor should we.

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