Once Seen, Never Forgotten

Everywhere we are, truth is!
Or rather, everywhere consciousness is, truth is.

When we re-cognise what is true, that means that we already know it but didn’t realise it. The authority of truth is therefore consciousness. No one has a monopoly on truth; truth is what we are and, until realising that, we live through others’ ideas, lost in a world of mumbo-jumbo, elaborations, exaggerations, titles and dependency.

We may mistakenly believe that consciousness is merely perception, but perception does not ‘know’, while consciousness does. Living in a vagueness about our reality, we are not free; we can only be free when we know our true reality,

Once we understand and realise this, everything changes –
and it’s a bit of a shock.

The whole point is that nothing could be known if it wasn’t for consciousness. That is where we start our inner investigation. The finish line is that this consciousness is – and has always been – pure. Consciousness is the in-between bridge to the pure land.

Once truth is obvious, the evil that obscures that truth is also obvious.
Evil is anything that obscures the purity of consciousness.

Once seen, never forgotten.

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