The Crazy Planet, Full Of Wisdom

Earth is a shrine, full of enlightened potential. Few benefit from this knowledge as madness has prevailed, plotting trauma after trauma, creating reaction upon reaction, bringing total chaos and confusion.

Strangely, this is excellent news.
The Buddha’s first noble truth is to admit that we are suffering.

Anxiety and suffering will be the cause of global awakening, as people are questioning everything. Nothing is hidden from those who have the courage to look. There is truth literally everywhere if we look – and see.

Seeing – in the first instant – is pure consciousness;
that is the origin of wisdom.

Wisdom is not a matter of covering ourselves in spiritual paraphernalia. Wisdom is the raw deal in the moment of experiencing, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

The more we see clearly, the more we see craziness.
Be thankful that you see it!

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