The One Purpose Of Life

The one purpose of life is to realise the undeniable one truth; to be able to know, there has to be consciousness present, and that consciousness is pure in essence. That is our primary reality. There is nothing special about pure consciousness as it is present all the time, but we just ignore it in favour of something more interesting. That’s the trap; the pictures we paint on the wall of our mind.

What is extraordinary is that we talk about trivia our entire lives. For most of us, this is what life is all about. In reality, we can transform our gross self-interest into an enlightened nature, our true essence. From reactions to wisdom.

But there are extraordinary things happening in the world!”

There will always be extraordinary things happening in the world.
It is unenlightened.

We like extraordinary things happening; they entertain us.
That’s why there are extraordinary films made for us.
The fascination with nature and what we can do in it
is a never-ending story.

Everything that we do – apart from maintaining the body – is exaggerated. Once realisation occurs, we can engage in ordinary life which now becomes our teacher, showing us that whatever we are still holding on to mentally prevents our progress. If we do not cut through our fixations, we will continue on the path of misunderstandings.

When we know the purpose of life,
life become simpler and more vibrant
because we have time to realise that we are what we seek.

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