Reference And Preference

Our memory, our prejudice, our programming, is our way of life.
Did you come from a questioning background, or from one with all the ‘answers’?

This is how we conduct ourselves: we perceive something, and that perception is pure in the first instant. It does not relate, and has no idea at that moment; that is pure consciousness, but it is ignored as we are too speedy in life to notice the gap. And so, perception moves on to memory to refer, identify and relate to what it has seen – “Ah! It’s a … !” Having identified, we judge, and that is our biased ritual of dealing with the world. We have become a pattern of behaviour.

When we’re young, we are assaulted by media, education and our parents (and it’s even worse these days, with kids on their phones). These formative memories stick, and the way we interpret these memories is due to the influences around us now. We either fall into line, or we rebel. Either way, we are being controlled by memories and prejudice. This is our ‘social network’.

If we question and voice our anxieties about life, people may readily agree but, through fear of being isolated, they revert to conformity, and we remain alone. This is the illusion in which we live.

The solution:
We are free in the very first moment of seeing.
The programme is off,
and we see directly without a reference point,
opening up a realm of inspiration that is maybe unfamiliar to others.

Why is this so important?
When we wake up from being controlled by others’ memories and preferences, we step outside social controls. Memes are put into a society for others to mimic, and these spread like a virus. If songs can stay in our head all our life, so can ideas …

Switching off is done through meditation. It doesn’t mean that we don’t notice what’s going on – we just become fully aware of our referring and preferring :-), which then becomes a catalyst to remember what we are. For this reason, there is no need to hide away from life.

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