Science And Religion Have The Same Effect

In the early years, we seek the mythical, holy grail of life.

It doesn’t matter whether we follow science or religion, we end up obsessed and fixated. Depending on the type of person we are, we become seekers of either science or religion for a better existence. Science and religion may seem poles apart, but they have something in common; they bind us, and create division.

Pursuing favourable conditions is worthwhile but, like all of our endeavours, we become caught up in status and fortune. Obsessed about our subject, our objective mind loses touch with reality.

Our minds have been hacked through religion, technology and neurolinguistic programming. This is the confused system in which we live and, as long as we are predictable, we conform.

If we know how to return to our original clarity of direct seeing, without referring to memory (programming) and judgement (reactions), we connect to the clarity of innate, pure consciousness.

We are the mythical, kept-a-secret holy grail.

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