Family Attachments

‘Family’ is a group of people related either by birth or marriage, the purpose of which is to maintain the well-being of its members and of society. Families offer predictability, structure and safety, as members learn to participate in the community.

Family attachment:
Family attachment is meant in the broadest sense, and includes attachment to friends, career, class, sports, religion, politics, culture, country … We busy our lives into exhaustion that turns into a vacancy of vegging-out; to relax in a lazy and inattentive mental incapacity. This inability to see clearly results in emotional upsets.

Family detachment:
‘Detachment’ doesn’t mean we don’t care; we just don’t become obsessed, which clouds our view. Being detached, we can see consequences and underlying tendencies. Some family members cannot cope, while others have narcissistic leanings; this doesn’t mean we don’t love them, but we are prepared to adapt or give them space.

Our true family is those who have similar questions to us, such as “What’s it all about?” Life isn’t a matter of decorating our prison with trophies, souvenirs or ideologies. It’s about finding meaning.

‘Life’: a well-oiled, digitised machine that we fit into.
Life essence: our original reality of pure consciousness that never was part of any machine.

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