What’s Eating You?

Emotions – brought on by strong association with thoughts and feelings of hopes, fears, pride, jealousy – stir up our mental state, and eat away at us. We become distressed, anxious and disappointed, and we suffer. This saps away our energy, and has an effect on our health.

The world will never change as everyone is full of thoughts and emotions. It’s the world in which we all live … well, not everyone. 😀

These very emotions are wisdoms. When we recognise them, they no longer eat us, but we become nourished by them. Sounds ridiculous, right?

Just before the very first instant when an emotion arises, something is noted. The mind brightens – it lights up! We all see this moment, but we ignore it. That is pure consciousness taking the scene in, but not being taken in by the scene.

Recognition and realisation are simultaneous. First, we have to know what we are looking for! It is only due to old habits that we give in to emotions, reacting and becoming eaten up by conflict, and spreading bad breath. 😀

Eat subtleties; it refines digestion.

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