Doubt Creates Uncertainty, Panic & Speediness

In doubt, we never settle, always wanting more.
We’re pumped up, running around for something special – the secret teachings.

There aren’t any; it’s a ploy!

‘Spiritual-type’ people are most susceptible to this way of thinking.
So busy with my practice and my guru, genuine compassion has gone.

Living this way, we miss knowing what we are.
We are the teachings, beyond secret mysteries.

All indigenous people have their ways;
some are practical, and some are based on beliefs and rituals.

Collecting more information than we can digest makes us needy and dissatisfied.
When we slow down, life becomes richer, more fruitful and insightful.

When we have time and space, we can appreciate the simple things,
and see that others’ problems are quite basic.

Make a decision, stick with it, see if it works, drop it if it doesn’t.
Actually, drop it anyway, as clinging to anything or anyone blocks our path.

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