Enlightened Speech; Without Fixations

Thoughts are echoes or residues from the past. We acknowledge them, but we don’t obsess about them, so they do not stick. Usually, we maintain and strengthen our fixations, solidifying them for the next resurrection – raised from the dead. 🙂

The opposite of fixation is adaptability, being able to cope with anything, as we have not taken a side. People may appear to be capable, but only because they fixate on ‘their’ thing. Take them out of their comfort zone, and they flounder and bluster.

Even though we may not be ‘enlightened’, we can practise speaking in an enlightened way – while dodging our own fixations. Noticing others’ fixations is much more challenging, and that’s when we have to grow up, and stop using information as a weapon.

Living with fixation is living a lie;
it’s not what we are.

Open mind, open heart, open consciousness.
That’s the real thing,

It results in unstoppable understanding and empathy,
because we know how it feels to be fixated …
it’s bloody uncomfortable and pointless!


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