Information Everywhere … And Wisdom?

It is only when we question information that we start to sift out the knowledge gained through personal experience. We test it, and then we know. If we go further into the stillness of the mind, this can lead to wisdom, the direct uncontaminated experience of reality in this present moment.

Information is others’ pre-packaged opinions that we adopt,
and impose on this present moment now.

Jury trials are all about finding what actually happened,
rather than relying on hearsay or personal opinions.

Repeating hearsay makes fools out of us, and there is one born every minute.
This is why we should never take sides until we actually know both sides
– and even then, we should wait and see.

Sides have their advocates and specialists that might seem sensible,
but this may not be the complete picture.
The complete picture is what is happening to consciousness.

The middle way; not too tight and not too loose.

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