I’m Okay With My Anger

Anger, in the very first instant, illuminates the mind. Something is seen that doesn’t seem right and awareness brightens. This precious moment is called ‘mirror-like wisdom’.

One of two things can happen in the moment of anger – or any emotion such as pride, jealousy, fear, desire … We can either see our own mental process clearly without immediately judging and reacting and therefore remain in equilibrium, or we can allow the emotion to take over and lose control.

From an enlightened point of view, when an emotion arises, the mind becomes alert. This is wisdom in action, looking more deeply and taking in the whole picture before responding – or not. Whatever happens, there is no residue of the emotion left behind.

The other effect of anger (or any emotion) is biased judgement that ignores wisdom-space and reacts out of habit; the result is a smouldering residue of emotions.

Emotions can either control our life,
or illuminate our life with wisdom.

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