It’s Worse Than You Think, And …
it’s better than you think!

At an ordinary level, things look very bad in the world. Stupidity upon stupidity, manipulation upon manipulation, reaction upon reaction, and more stupidity upon stupidity. Trying to keep up with this stupidity creates suffering, because our reactions maintain a befuddled self-image.

We are stupid when we underestimate the amount of stupidity in the world and go round in circles, never escaping the “ring pass-not” – an allegorical circle confining all those who still labour under the delusion of separateness.

However …
It’s better than you think!

Because we are stupid and believe everything to be real or permanent, we ignore that we are all potentially enlightened beings when we’re told this. From a stupidity point of view, this enlightened state sounds ridiculous – that’s because we are stupid 😀

But if we can consider that this enlightened state is the reality that is missing in our life, then our view and behaviour change, and every stupid thing that happens reminds us that stupidity is not our true reality. We then become free of this stupid cycle of existence.

We are not just consciousness having an experience; we are the same pure consciousness as the enlightened ones.

What made us so stupid?
Believing in stupid people
who believe that they are not stupid.
That’s how I became stupid.

Realisation is the fact that we are pure consciousness
– the same innate state of the enlightened ones
who have passed through the ring of delusion.

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