The Utopian Ideal Leads To Hell

It keeps us hoping.

The utopian ideal – satisfying one’s concept of what is perfect – leads to hell.
Why? Because people have different ideas of what a perfect world should be.

Physics or physical existence is naturally impermanent as it’s all about change, so nothing is truly existent. How does one make impermanence a utopia?

We hear people say, “We should do this”, or “We should do that”. Their ‘this’ and ‘that’ will be different to our ‘this’ and ‘that’.

When we analyse it, utopia or perfection is only within the essence of consciousness. Everything else is just a concept. A utopian society is one where everyone realises their enlightened state. That isn’t going to happen too soon, is it? As long as we live in hope and fear, we live in hell = great suffering.

If anyone says they want a utopian society,
you can bet they will want to run it!

Suffering does not exist in the essence of pure consciousness.

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